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The Habitation of Québec Caughnewanga Iroquois Who Played their Ancestors' Parts Anse à l'eau, Tadoussac, Quebec Indian Family Travelling by Canoe Ornamental Box with Champlain's Astrolabe
Champlain's Astrolabe Bricks of the Second Habitation of Quebec Chasuble Indian Camp, Tadoussac, Quebec Indian Encampment on the Ottawa River
Canoe Descending Rapids, Quebec Champlain Building a Wall at Montreal, Quebec Ice Road Between Montreal and Ste. Helen's Island Montmorency Falls, Summer Scene, Montmorency, Quebec [ca. 1870] Tools of the Second Habitation of Quebec
Jesuits College, October 1874 A 17th Century Hudson Bay Settler Trapper Crucifix and Ring of the Second Habitation of Quebec No. 1 Pickerel No. 2 Whitefish
False Portrait of Samuel de Champlain Five Finger Rapids, Little French River, Ontario [ca. 1927] Champlain Island, Ontario [ca. 1890] Inauguration of Champlain Monument, Quebec, Quebec, September 21st, 1898 Detail of Iroquois Indian on Maisonneuve Monument, Montréal, Quebec
Young Indian in Birch Bark Canoe Lake Huron at Goderich, Ontario, 1913 Lake Nipissing at North Bay, Ontario Lake Ontario, October 1901 The Beaver
Champlain's Ship Illustration of a Ship by Blaeuw Indians Offering Tobacco at Chaudière Falls Tools and Activities [ca. 1709] Perce Rock, Quebec
Tablet on Samuel de Champlain's Statue Catch of Fish Strung Up Canada's Earliest Industry Long Sault Rapids, Ontario, 1913 Reconstruction of Chauvin's House
Replica of the Don de Dieu at Quebec's Tercentenary, 1908, Quebec, Quebec The Nunnery, Formerly the Residence of Governor Champlain Result of Hunt Saguenay River Near Chicoutimi, Quebec Remains of Old Fur Fort Near Lachine
Champlain and the Amerindians During a Bartering Session. Statue of Samuel de Champlain at Nepean Point in Ottawa The Starboard Lookout, 1920-1940 Dufferin Terrace, Quebec, Quebec, 1880 Troops Passing Champlain Market
A Portage: the Start, Nipissing District, Ontario, 1897 Oldest Church in America, Tadoussac, Quebec Montréal from Ste. Helen's Island, Quebec [ca. 1830] Indian Wigwam, Parry Island, Georgian Bay, Ontario [ca. 1890] Styles of Snowshoes
Rings Found in Ontario Pots Found in Southern Ontario Knives Found in Ontario Artillery French Axes Found in Ontario
Yellow Walleye Pearls Found in Ontario Trout H-Shaped Stonework at Ste.-Mary-Among-the-Hurons Indians Grinding Grain, 1664
Yroquois Fort, 1870 Onondaga Town Rideau Falls, Ottawa, Ontario [ca. 1860] Etienne Brulé's Last Lap of the Portage to Lake Ontario, 1615 Canada Fir Tree
Mattawa River, Ontario Diamond by Birks Dragon Strawberries Blueberries
Two Roses Raspberries and Wildberries

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