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The Native Peoples and Champlain: Leisure Activities

First and foremost a means of survival, hunting was also an enjoyable activity appreciated by the Amerindians.

To ensure their survival, they had many tasks to complete, such as making tools for hunting, tending the garden, making clothes and educating the children. This left little time for amusement.

Young Indian in Birch Bark Canoe

Young Indian in Birch Bark Canoe
George Mellis Douglas/National Archives of Canada/PA-150893/Detail

Champlain noted that the Aboriginals were very interested in music. The first instrument that they made was called the chichikoué. It was a small drum that provided excellent rhythm accompaniments to their celebrations, as they sang and danced. Humming a melody created a mood and spiced up the days, which were often very demanding.

Furthermore, they felt so at peace with nature that they spent their time outdoors, cherishing it, embellishing it and thanking it for all it gave to them.

Tools and Activities [ca. 1709]

Tools and Activities [ca. 1709]
National Archives of Canada/C-38855/Detail

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