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The main goal of the team at the Regroupement des organismes du patrimoine franco-ontarien (ROPFO) in coordinating the virtual exhibition along with Expomédiatour (see partners) is as follows: the creation of a unique and high quality multimedia virtual exhibition offering bilingual content regarding travel experiences. Champlain: Travels in the Canadian Francophonie allows us to travel through time and space, from the early 1600s to the present day in the Canadian Francophonie.

This virtual exhibition is part of the Virtual Museum of Canada, a collaboration between Canadian museums of all sizes and the Canadian Heritage Information Network that includes a branded collection of high-quality content and features developed by museums and their partners. This dynamic Internet service is freely available to the public in French and English.

In 2001 and beyond, Champlain: Travels in the Canadian Francophonie will welcome community exhibitions from Expomédiatour's Ontario partners, including the Hearst Ecomuseum, the Centre franco-ontarien de folklore and 10 participating cultural and community centres.

The virtual exhibition will be expanded and detailed annually from 2001 to 2003, both in terms of content and technological applications, and will include not only Ontario and Quebec but also voyages related to communities in Atlantic and Western Canada.

We hope that you will enjoy travelling with the famous French explorer, Samuel de Champlain.

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